Sunday, August 15, 2010

Holy Turds!!!

Holy TURDS! It's been over a month since I last posted. Anyways, I finally have hi-def photos taken by a GREAT friend, HARRISON WANG! If you're in the Houston area, be sure to contact me and set up a photo op. with him. He's beyond amazing. So on and so forth, I FINALLY have a forum signature worthy of being called such. I'll be sure to change it every now and then, but for now, it does its job quite well. I like it, anyways.

So, recently I haven't really been working on as many customs because money has gotten tight. Recently lost my job (DAMN THIS ECONOMY) and after nearly 2 months of searching, I came across something to hold me over and let me make some more custom toys.

Currently trying to finish off my ISHO-KUN series. 2 more pieces needed for a 6 piece set. Looking at about $75-150ea. $600 for the whole set + shipping. I'll be sure to gloss/clean up before sending it out or as specified.

ALSO! Qee has re-released their Designer Series Qee Bears and I'm super stoked. Get Ready! VEER IS ABOUT TO BE BROKEEEEEEE! (nothing new)


PICTURESSSSS! (I apologize in advance for sizing issues, I haven't gotten around to resizing them - also, each munny is 7" unless specified as otherwise)

Rich Uncle Pennybags aka Mr. Monopoly (FOR SALE: MUST BEAT $125 - first bid)

Pichu side view (Isho-Kun Series)

Drip't 3" Munny side view

Team Ikon

The Big Blind

Spawn (FOR SALE: $175-250 FIRM)

Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow (FOR SALE: $200/OBO)

Isho-Kun Series (missing 2 pieces - never mind the teddy bear not part of the set - unless u want it)

Drip't front view

Venom 3" Munny (FOR SALE: $45/OBO)

Any items you're looking to buy, email me @

please, serious buyers/collectors only. don't lowball me and i wont blackball you.

payments via moneyorder ONLY!

items will be sold auction style. each bid will be held for a week, unless otherwise noted.


OH! Comment/Feedback/Ideas WELCOME!

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