Sunday, August 15, 2010

Holy Turds!!!

Holy TURDS! It's been over a month since I last posted. Anyways, I finally have hi-def photos taken by a GREAT friend, HARRISON WANG! If you're in the Houston area, be sure to contact me and set up a photo op. with him. He's beyond amazing. So on and so forth, I FINALLY have a forum signature worthy of being called such. I'll be sure to change it every now and then, but for now, it does its job quite well. I like it, anyways.

So, recently I haven't really been working on as many customs because money has gotten tight. Recently lost my job (DAMN THIS ECONOMY) and after nearly 2 months of searching, I came across something to hold me over and let me make some more custom toys.

Currently trying to finish off my ISHO-KUN series. 2 more pieces needed for a 6 piece set. Looking at about $75-150ea. $600 for the whole set + shipping. I'll be sure to gloss/clean up before sending it out or as specified.

ALSO! Qee has re-released their Designer Series Qee Bears and I'm super stoked. Get Ready! VEER IS ABOUT TO BE BROKEEEEEEE! (nothing new)


PICTURESSSSS! (I apologize in advance for sizing issues, I haven't gotten around to resizing them - also, each munny is 7" unless specified as otherwise)

Rich Uncle Pennybags aka Mr. Monopoly (FOR SALE: MUST BEAT $125 - first bid)

Pichu side view (Isho-Kun Series)

Drip't 3" Munny side view

Team Ikon

The Big Blind

Spawn (FOR SALE: $175-250 FIRM)

Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow (FOR SALE: $200/OBO)

Isho-Kun Series (missing 2 pieces - never mind the teddy bear not part of the set - unless u want it)

Drip't front view

Venom 3" Munny (FOR SALE: $45/OBO)

Any items you're looking to buy, email me @

please, serious buyers/collectors only. don't lowball me and i wont blackball you.

payments via moneyorder ONLY!

items will be sold auction style. each bid will be held for a week, unless otherwise noted.


OH! Comment/Feedback/Ideas WELCOME!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


WHATSSSSSSSSS CRACKINN'? Today, is the last day of the KidRobot MunnyMunth Contest. A LOT of the designs that made it through are pretty kickass. I gotta be honest though, some of the designs that are up shouldn't be. I've actually seen some up for sale a few months back and/or someone else who bought the design posted it up as their own work. Who knows, maybe the world will even itself out and the real people who deserve to win it will.

Anyways, make way for VEER. That's me! HAHA. Some of you have NO idea who I am. Let me just tell you all my story and then I'll have my pictures up for you here in a bit. I'm currently residing in Houston, TX, but I have my roots back home in Los Angeles, CA. growing up I had a pretty strong graffiti base in art. I expanded my horizons and delved into a bit of cartooning and other various urban forms of art. I started designing Munny's to pass the time, but one day my boss threw a blank one at me and told me to have a go (this is after about 2 yr hiatus from painting). My boss liked this Munny so much, and i was so encouraged by it, I decided to enter the contest (going on now - people's choice votes end 7/15 - be sure to vote: - VEER: Spawn, Rich Uncle Pennybags, StormShadow&SnakeEyes). So, here I am. I've decided to take on commissions (email me for more info @ and do a series, possibly more. My goal here is to become recognized by the public and hopefully my pieces become collectibles like some artists I have a LOT of respect for (Kozik, Vissell, Huck Gee, Sket One).

I promised you guys my designs and here they are (I apologize for the terrible photo quality, I haven't had a chance to take better pictures. But SOON!)

Here are a couple of the designs I've put together. MORE SOON!


The Devil's Advocate

Storm Shadow & Snake Eyes

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So... First post here boys and girls and I'm excited to be here. Finally making my debut as an actual artist (not some dope sitting around painting random crap). As some of you may know, I am a competitor in the KidRobot Munny Munth Contest this month (ending 6/30 - be sure to vote for veer: Spawn, Rich Uncle Pennybags, and StormShadow&SnakeEyes). I'm also working on a series of customs which I will ONLY make 2 of each design. Be sure to shoot me an PM or something if you like what you see. PIX SOON! Till then, peas, love & corn.